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Is Face Painting Safe?

Painted Parties only uses paints which are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and water-based. They are non-toxic and fully compliant with

FDA toy and cosmetics regulations.

All About Face Paints:

Why exactly we are calling it Face Painting and Face Paints?

Face Paints are cosmetic "paint", something that we usually call make-up!

Face Paint is just make-up or more precisely water based theatrical make-up.

Any professional Face Painter should only use professional face paints.

Brands such as Wolfe Fx, Diamond Fx, Paradise, Tag Bodyart, FAB Make Up, Kryolan are some of the

many products used by professionals.

If you have some doubt about the artist/company you are going to hire, or you just want to make

sure, feel free to ask them what kind of products they use. Real professionals will be more than

happy to answer your questions.

Are Face Paint easy to wash off?

Soap and water should usually do the trick. Stay tuned for my video tutorial.....

Are there restrictions to who you can paint?

Unfortunately, we are unable to paint children who are sick, have cold sores, or any infection of the skin. As an alternative some

children may be able to have arm or hand painting. For children with dry skin or eczema a sensitivity test patch on the arm can be offered.

We generally do not paint children under 3 years of age.

What do I need to provide?

Everything needed will be supplied by us, full professional kit and even water if necessary. all you need to do is provide a well lit area

a table and chairs!


“All the children loved their faces and the Parents thought they were great too, Thank you very much”

Rachel, Sarah's Mom-

Chanoch was so happy and proud, that he did not wash it off until the next morning... Yup he slept in his face paint!

Freida Bardwigdor-

Chaya M Golden-Pekar is Amazing and is a pleasure to deal with!

Hindel Friedman-

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