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Meet the owner Chaya Mushka

Hi! My name is Chaya Mushka and I have been a face painter for almost three years now. I absolutely love it! I have working with children for many years; as a camp counselor, Head Counselor and Art Instructor. I am also blessed to be a mom of three adorable boys. I love giving children and Adults who are children at heart a creative exciting experience!

Hope to meet you and your little one soon! :) 

We Make Your Job Easier!

Professional Face Painting by Chaya Mushka based in Brooklyn N.Y.
Available to hire for any event!

Our professional services is a favorite with all:

Face painting is one of the best way to get wonderful smiles at a party.
You just have to see how impatient the kids or the adults are, waiting on line for their turn. They
just can't put the mirror back as they want to look at their face paint again and again.
So, lets do it! Whatever your event is; Birthday party, Upshernish, Holiday Community Event,
festival, grand opening, company event, fairs, concerts, BBQ, any kind of celebration...

Kids Parties:

Face painting provides an engaging and memorable form of birthday entertainment more than clowns or magicians.
Why? When the children and/or adults get their faces painted, their personalities seem to get magically transformed.
They become proud and confident and outgoing. You'll definitely see an extra level of smiles, fun and energy infecting your
child's party from start to finish.
Call Painted Parties at 347-678-4300 for a price quote.
Please specify how many children will be attending so that we can let you know how much time you might need.
For Big Parties:

For parties such as a grand opening, Holiday Events for your community, company event,
fairs, concerts, etc. ...
We can kick start the fun for adults and children alike. Face painting and craft projects (coming soon...) are a great
way to break the ice and get adults and children to shed their inhibitions and have fun chatting and interacting.
We can also help you attract loads of people to your sale or grand opening, or to your neighborhood event .
Thanks to our artistic face painting, kids and their parents will definitely remember your business. Plus, when people
see these kids (or their pictures) with wonderful face art, your business name will be mentioned and praised.
Just the kind of word-of-mouth advertising you want!

For big parties such as a grand opening, block party, company event, fairs, concerts, etc. ...

Please provide: A cool, shady place to work, good lighting, a real table, enough room for the line. If its outside,
a canopy will be very appreciated and a line manager if necessary.

If you are planning a big size event that will require more than one artist, Painted Parties will be more

than happy to help you.


Life is life and sometimes, things happen. Please, if you do need to cancel your party, inform us as soon as you know.


A Deposit is required to book your event. You can send it via Paypal.
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